Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Finding Grandma Anders' Grave

Based on some research from Daddy and visiting courthouses and cemeteries, and a note from Marylou Douglas (mentioned below), I pieced together this information on Granddaddy's brothers and sisters.  

Thomas Hardy Ingram 1889 - 1986 - Matilda Fountain Anders 1890 - 1924
              Johnnie Creed Ingram 1917-1990 - Mary Louise Huckabee 1919 - 1990

Charles Ramon Ingram born 1909 – 1997 - Mary Margaret Matthews Ingram 1918 - 1991
    Children - Charles Ramon Ingram, Jr. born 1940 -  Cheryl Stresky Ingram
                                Jeffrey Ingram - wife Jennifer
                                Noah Ingram
                                Michael Ingram
                                Erik Ingram - wife Jacki

  Marylou Ingram (Conn) Douglas born 1942 -
                    First husband - William Chamberlain Conn – divorced and  now deceased
                    Husband - Tracy Edward Douglas 1943 - 1992
                                William Chamberlain Conn, Jr. born 1965
                                Vicki Lynn Conn (Blackman) Ackerman born 1968 - Tyler Robert Blackman born 1992

George DeForest Ingram born 1944 –

Laura Ellen Ingram born 1898

Lana Pearl Ingram Foster 1901 -  (first name may have been Lena)
                                 Mencye Foster

Bertha Renna Ingram 1902 – 1958

 Willie Sampson Ingram 1904 - Ida
                              Willie May Ingram
                                Patsy Ingram

Mary Idell Ingram Bowman 1908 - Lindsay Bowman
                   Betty Bowman
                   Lindsey Bowman, Jr.
                   Wallace Bowman

Eunice Irene Ingram Bowman 1911 -
                   Lou Harlan Bowman
                   Jasper Talmidge (JT) – deceased

Minnie Viola Ingram (Mencye)

Della Ingram Gilbert -
                   Elizabeth Gilbert
                    James Gilbert
                    June Gilbert
                    Jerry Gilbert

Mag Ingram Dalton (just recently died at 104)
                    Ray Dalton
                    Beverly Dalton
                    Howard Dalton
                    James or John Dalton
                    Minnie Sue Dalton
                    Lena Sue Dalton
                    Lucy Dalton
                    Kathryn Dalton
                    Betty Lynn Dalton

Jack Ingram
                    Twins that died within their first year or two

So, in 1986, Sandy and I decided to try and find Northview Primitive Baptist Church near Walnut Cove, NC.  This is where Daddy's mother, Matilda Anders, was buried.

Daddy went to this church as a child.  On our way to find it, we stopped at an old country store and spoke to the gentleman who ran it.  His voice and intonation was an exact copy of Granddaddy.  If I had closed my eyes, I would have thought he was speaking to me.

When we went in the church, the pews were worn from the members sitting so long on Sundays to hear the sermons.  I remember Daddy telling me that they did not have Sunday school.  Also, there were hymnals but no music - they just sang the psalms.  Up by the pulpit, we found a well-worn Bible and a pitcher for water.  We could imagine the preacher in the Spirit on Sunday.

Grandmother Anders' grave was in the cemetery behind the church.  Across the street, there was a beautiful grove of trees with a creek running through it.  I can imagine the congregation gathering here for picnics and baptisms in the creek.

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