Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Father talks about Stokes County

As I began to think about tracing back my family history, I talked to both my mother and my father about their childhood and their memory of the family as they grew up.  Dad told me a lot more about this than my mother did so I began to focus on his history.  It all began with some conversations about Stokes County, North Carolina.  He talked about Sandy Ridge, Germantown and Walnut Cove.  And he told me his grandmother was buried at Northview Primitive Baptist Church which was somewhere in Stokes County.  So, I thought if I ever decided to go research our family history, it had to start in Stokes County.  All of these conversations took place prior to 1990 when I lost both my father, Johnnie Creed Ingram, and my mother, Mary Louise Ingram.

The pivotal event that made me act on these stories and go discover my family history was that my grandfather, Thomas Hardy Ingram, died.  I took his obituary and used it to begin the trip.

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