Thursday, June 6, 2013

Creed and Mary's Parents and Siblings

Before we move back in time through our ancestors, I decided to list the parents, brothers and sisters of my father and mother. 

If you are a descendant of Thomas Hardy Ingram, the rest of this family history applies to you. 

Here is Daddy's family:

Thomas Hardy Ingram 1889 - 1986 - Matilda Fountain Anders 1890 - 1924

              Dorothy Ingram
              Robert Ingram
              Luvie Ingram 1912- 1990
              Johnnie Creed Ingram 1917-1990 - Mary Louise  Huckabee 1919 - 1990
              Lillie Ingram

Granddaddy married again to Ruth Carpenter
 Thomas Hardy Ingram - Ida Ruth Carpenter
              Joe Mac Ingram
              Billy Ray Ingram
              Louise Ingram

  Here is Mama's family:

William Henry Huckabee 1887 - 1962  - Eveline Peele 1898 - 1931 (or Evelyn)
               Mary Louise Huckabee 1919 - 1990 - Johnnie Creed Ingram 1917- 1990
               Buddy Henry Huckabee,Jr.
               Annie Lee Huckabee 1924 - 1991
               Pearl Peele Huckabee - Carson Holloway
               Ethel Huckabee
               Martha Evelen Huckabee

I don't have much information on Mama's parents.  The records I have indicate that her paternal grandfather was named Eli Huckabee.  I don't have his wife's name.  Her maternal grandparents were Thad and Mary Peele.

I did not realize that I was missing so many dates, so I will try to clear that up as I go along.  Our next step will be to find Thomas Hardy Ingram's parents and siblings.


  1. Hi My name is Tracy Ingram and I can trace my tree to yours..Jay Ingram ...I can tell you more but I can not entrust this new founded Information to just anyone ...I need to Speak with another Ingram

    I'm not going Crazy I have done my research for over 25 years

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