Friday, June 7, 2013

Before we begin the journey......

This trip is about finding my ancestors on my father's side beginning with my grandfather, Thomas Hardy Ingram.

Before we begin, I'd like to list the descendants of my mother and father.  They had two daughters, three sons, 8 grandchildren, and 6 great grandchildren.  Here's a view of our family:

Descendants of Johnnie Creed Ingram and Mary Louise Huckabee

Johnnie Creed Ingram  - Mary Louise Huckabee

            Peggy Ann Ingram  - Mike Tardif
                        Deborah Ann Tardif 
                                    Mary Lauren Tardif

Betty Jean Ingram - Harry S. Archer III 
                       Michael Alexander Archer
                        William Creed Archer  - Glenda Clanford 
                                    Hannah Grace Archer
                        David Lee Archer - Kimberly Dawn Hamlett
                                    Noah Wesley Archer

           Larry Creed Ingram – Wanda Boyette
                       Jeffrey Creed Ingram - Valerie Coleman 
                                  Walker Creed Ingram
                       James Patrick Ingram- Sarah Rentz
                                   Nolan Patrick Ingram

           Donald Glynn Ingram - Addie Virginia Walters
                       John Bradford Ingram - Margaret Elizabeth Parker 
                                   Caroline Elizabeth Ingram 
                                   Parker Creed Ingram
                                   John Harmon Ingram
                       Amy Elizabeth Ingram - Parker Honeycutt

           Dalton Lynn Ingram - Sandra Sue Mayer

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